Cancellation / Refund Policy

Payment for services

While making any payment if any loss or damage arises directly or indirectly due to any reason FDLkart shall not held liable.

Seller of the requested product may ask you to provide relevant documents not limited to government proof i.e. address proof, Government ID) in order to establish ownership of the payment instrument used by you for purchase. This is done only with a motive to provide a safe and memorable shopping to our users.

Also, it must be understood that all money transaction must need to in Indian currency only i.e. rupees. Transaction made through any other currency other than rupees may not be acceptable by the website.

There must be a two party contract between Buyer and Seller for all commercial services, Transactions Etc. and payment facility is only to complete the transaction between the buyer and seller. If there is non-delivery, non-receipt, damage, non-payment, breach of any representation, fraud or any other activity as regard for any product or services list on FDLkart, FDL kart shall not being held liable at all.

FDLkart does not guarantee the identity of any User nor does it ensure that a Buyer or a Seller will complete a transaction.

Payment mode for buyers

  1. If you buy any product from website than you automatically bind in a legal contract with the seller of the product.
  2. You will made payment to the seller by using payment facility in which payment for concerned product has been made by your issuing bank.
  3. Payment facility is done in electronic mode between you and the seller and consent need to be acquire for the same.
  4. If within the agreed time period you does not receive the delivery of the product than you can claim refund for the transaction amount and if you does not raise claim within stipulated time period you shall not made eligible for refund of the transaction amount.
  5. Refund shall be made in Indian rupees only and only to the amount which was former received in terms of rupees.
  6. Except for Cash on Delivery transaction, refund, if any, shall be made at the same Issuing Bank from where Transaction Price was received.
  7. In case of refund of amount cash on delivery refund shall be made through demand draft as per the details provided by the buyers at the time of registration.
  8. For electronic payments refund shall made by payment facility approved by RESERVE BANK OF INDIA.
  9. Refund shall be conditional there will be reverse policy may be applied if there is any misuse is conducted the buyers.

30 Days Replacement Guarantee*

30 days replacement scheme is made in order to provide a remedy to the users who have been defrauded by qualifying sellers on the website. If the buyer of a concerned product found any defect in the product at the time of delivery or within 30 days of delivery of concerned product made then he can claim replacement for such product from the seller of the concerned product. Also replacement can be for the entire product/s or part/s of the product subject to availability of the same with the seller. The conditions under which replacement of product shall not be provided:


While using our website we will send you some communication in writing and it is deemed that you are agree that communication with us is mainly through electronic mode. We will make contact with you by sending emails and providing information to you by posting notices on the website, information or communications that we are providing to you electronically comply with any legal requirement that such communication is in writing.

If it is discovered that the information provided by you to us is inaccurate, ambiguous, manipulative, incomplete or not related to current transactions that FDLkart holds the right to terminate your membership with the website and stop you access to the website.
  1. In case of jewellery, if any ornament has been made to order of customer's request.
  2. If in case the product which buyer wants to replacement does not contains all its original packaging and accessories.
  3. Any damage/defect which does not covered in manufactures warranty.
  4. If any damages occurred by misuse of the product.
  5. Incidental damage due to malfunctioning of the product.
  6. If there is any tempering or missing of UPC/serial numbers.
  7. If any consumable item has been used or installed.
  8. Digital products/services (Flyte music downloads)

In case of footwear, clothing, jewellery 30days replacement scheme shall be applicable only if:

  1. Jewellery, foot wears, clothing which are made to order of costumers shall not cover under return policy.
  2. The box of the products which comes in branded packaging shall be damaged also the original tags of the product shall not be removed.
  3. Clothes and foot wears are not used (except used for trial), altered, washed, soiled or damaged in any way.
    If it is discovers that any information or any activity intended by the buyers and seller of the products is false or incorrect or misleading or incomplete than FDLkart reserves the right to take a charge on them and initiate a civil/criminal proceedings.


FDLkart do not charge any amount in terms of fees from its member for buying and browsing on the website. Membership for buyers on FDLkart is free of cost. We will made any changes in our policies regarding fees of the services which we already provided and also FDLkart reserves the right to introduce any new services and decides the fees policy regarding the concerned new services. FDLkart have right to introduce any new services and also we can modify the services which we already providing. As the changes made in the fees policy posted over the website they will become effective on that moment as they posted on the website. You shall be held only responsible to the acceptance of applicable laws and also for the law in order to make payment to us. All the transactions unless otherwise stated, all fees shall be quoted in terms of Indian rupees.

If it is discovered that the information provided by you to us is inaccurate, ambiguous, manipulative, incomplete or not related to current transactions that FDLkart holds the right to terminate your membership with the website and stop you access to the website.